We’re thrilled to announce we’re officially COBIS Supporting Members! COBIS stands for Council of British International Schools and this now means we’re part of a huge network of overseas educators.

We’ll be exhibiting at the Annual Conference in London on 12-14 May where we can really showcase Synergia and make the most of this great network.

As part of this new membership, you can now find us listed with a profile on their website, we have access to many tools as well as benefits and opportunities to connect with British International Schools, globally.

COBIS works with over 270 schools and 200 businesses who all share knowledge and expertise. This will be a great asset to Synergia and we’re excited about the prospects this will bring.

Fellow members will be welcomed onto our courses. We have a wide variety of courses available for both the business and education sectors with plenty of opportunities to cross over.

Our education courses are bespoke to each individual school and cover SLT training, teacher training, leadership skills development, school improvement training as well as one to one coaching and much more. These courses are tailored to every facility to offer the best possible training and educators can also enrol onto any open ILM courses if they wanted to delve further into CPD.

We have four open ILM courses in April covering Leadership and Management, and Coaching and Mentoring at different levels in various locations.

Being a part of COBIS now means we can inform the hundreds of members about these courses and make them aware of what is coming up which could be right for them.

It’s a great opportunity which we are pleased to be a part of and can’t wait to take advantage of.

Find out more about our courses here.

And to find out more about COBIS visit: www.cobis.org.uk