Synergia has helped increase turnover and staff attendance at the Planterra Group

Managing Director of the Planterra Group, Jason Harker employed Synergia to deliver a range of training workshops within the company to help create understanding between the management, on-site and the office based teams.

Clare Barnett, MD at Synergia created a bespoke training package for the Planterra Group, which represents three specialist horticultural based companies; JHPS Gardens, ProHort and Japanese Knotweed Expert. This includes a Level 5 ILM course in 2018 to the HR Manager, one-on-one management training sessions with Jason and one-on-one training sessions with middle management at the group as well as some group sessions. Seven people at the Planterra Group in total benefitted from Clare’s training expertise.

Jason said: “Clare came across as extremely knowledgeable and adaptable. She took the time to get to know the business and tailored the course to our specific requirements. She became familiar with the challenges our company faces and delivered the training based around our issues rather than offering a generic course.

“The training has helped us to look at issues from a different viewpoint whilst coming up with some innovative solutions. Our main challenge is that we have a lot of young millennials in our workforce and we’re now better equipped at motivating them and getting them to buy into what we’re trying to achieve as a company.

“For us, customer service and high-quality workmanship is of the upmost importance. It is completely essential that all of our staff understand that, as our clients do not engage us because we’re cheap. More often than not we’re more expensive, but we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction which is why we get so much repeat custom and we represent great value for money. Our customer service, quality and horticultural expertise is our biggest USPs, and they’re unparalleled in our industry.”

The Planterra Group has had an incredible return on investment since it’s training with Synergia. The attendance by our team has increased to 98.9%, and there has been a general improvement in the attitude of colleagues across the board.

Emma Candlin the Operations Director added: “The management team now has a more empathic understanding of our colleagues’ needs and they in return now also understand what we’re trying to achieve at both a management level and as a company.

“We’ve increased our turnover by 28.9% this year too, and our profits have increased, so it’s been a great year. Synergia has really helped us. There are still improvements to be made, but at Director level we are more in tune with our staff and we are now working more on the company and not in the company.”

If you’re interested in a personalised training course with Synergia you can find details of our courses here or you can call the team on 01785 711 593.