Strategic Development of School Development Plan

Synergia began working with Abingdon School in February 2017 to facilitate the creation of the new School Development Plan.

Clare met with each of the SLT to get to know them and their roles and to explore further a review of the current strategies and the strategic space within which the school was operating. It was also an opportunity to discuss the plan for the two day event and clarify the methodology to be followed. This included a full strategic evaluation using Synergia’s own toolkit.

In March, Clare and Joseph worked with the SLT for two days – Friday and Saturday. This began with the complete strategic review, bringing together the information collated from the one-to-ones, which was the springboard for thorough discussions identifying how the school planned to develop over the coming academic years.

The end result was a School Development Plan which the whole team had created together and took ownership of delivering together. Mike Windsor commented: “We engaged Synergia as we embarked upon the construction of a strategic plan. The SLT and I had useful initial discussions with Synergia which led to an Away Day which was designed to generate the plan. Clare played a very valuable role in facilitating our discussions at the Away Day. She ensured that we stayed on schedule and she sensitively and unobtrusively kept discussions focused and on track. We came away having taken some significant decisions and with material that has subsequently allowed us to construct a coherent and cogent plan for the next five years.

“I am very grateful for Clare’s role in this; she has an excellent understanding of the issues affecting the independent sector but her strengths lie in drawing out the best ideas from others and supporting the group consisting of some powerful personalities – as they seek consensus.”

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