Senior Leadership Team Development

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) create the environment within which the pupils flourish. If this environment is not as effective as it could be, this can influence the whole culture of the school.

Excellence in education sector coaching

We have worked with many schools over the years, offering leadership coaching and teacher training, creating emotionally intelligent leaders, who understand themselves, their colleagues and become outstanding teams. Using a range of tools, we work with each member of the SLT individually to provide insight and improve their own self-awareness. We then bring the team together to share their learning, review their work style preferences and discuss how to develop the team further. This enables the SLT to design a strong and challenging school development programme, take ownership of their work streams and facilitate the development of the middle leaders within the school community.

“The team has made a strong start to the year and I think some of this can be directly attributed to the time we spent together before term began. The culture of honesty and openness which was fostered on that day lies at the heart of the team we are trying to be. I haven’t yet worked through the next steps that we should take together but I will be referencing the work you did with us during the appraisal conversations this year.”
B. Salisbury, Headmaster – Dean Close

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