One to One Coaching

Our approach to coaching is to put the coachee at the heart of the relationship, using person centred techniques and an overall solutions focused methodology.

What this means in practice, is that we are working with each person to achieve their objectives, focusing forward and enabling them to find solutions and approaches from within themselves. We are a highly qualified and skilled team of coaches, with a diverse breadth of experience across many sectors, enabling us to ask strong challenging and curious questions that help to unlock perceived barriers and enable great personal achievements for our coachees.

Each client comes with their own style, work preferences and perceptions. It is our responsibility to work with those, finding the right tools and techniques for each coachee. We have a core framework for our coaching relationships:

C – Contract: What are the ground rules that we will follow when working together

O – Objectives: What does the coachee want to achieve from their sessions

A – Awareness: What is happening for them which impacts on their world

C – Change: What is the change they want to make

H – Help: What help do they need to make this change happen

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