Deliver a Coaching Culture

Coaching is a style of conversation, where one person, through the use of strong listening and questioning skills, can enable another person to find a solution or way forward, that previously has seemed unattainable.

Take this approach into your leadership and management style, your tutor groups, pastoral discussions and appraisals and the power of coaching becomes huge!

People feel empowered, take ownership of situations and become outstanding teachers, managers, leaders and pupils. Hawkins has identified a seven-step process for introducing a coaching culture within an organisation. Synergia have adopted this and adapted it to fit within schools as part of their school leadership training and coaching training for school support staff:

Stage 1: External coaching provision
Stage 2: Developing internal coaching capacity
Stage 3: Actively supporting coaching endeavour
Stage 4: Coaching becomes the norm for individuals and teams
Stage 5: Embedded in HR and performance management processes
Stage 6: Coaching becomes the dominant style of management and leadership
Stage 7: Coaching becomes how we do business with all our stakeholders

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