Building your own successful coaching business

Virtual Learning

Course Cost

£75 per unit/£65 for Synergia Coaching students
(15% discount when booking all ten modules)

Further discounts are available where referrals and group bookings are made.

The aim of this programme is to enable newly qualified coaches to develop their own coaching business in a holistic and informed manner and primarily to:

  1. Develop their own Unique Selling Point, which will enable them to focus on their market sector and their offering to that sector.
  2. Develop a clear brand, which represents their own approach, values, beliefs and business ethics.
  3. Gain clarity around how they value their contribution to their clients, and how that shapes their messaging, pricing and offering.
  4. Create a marketing strategy which considers the factors above, as well as:
    • How they take their product and service to market
    • How they communicate with their prospective customers
    • Their ideal customer and creating a customer avatar
    • The sales funnel stages
    • The use of social media
  5. Create a strategic plan, which will give clarity around stages and timing of developing their own business.
  6. Create a financial plan, which enables them to define what they want to earn, how many hours they want to work, and how that informs their pricing strategy and their business development process.
  7. Understand insurances, professional indemnity and contracts.
  8. Have a clear focus on the difference between working on their business and working in their business, and how to achieve the correct balance for themselves.

Course content

Ten Virtual Learning Modules:

The programme will consist of ten virtual interactive learning modules, built on the following ethos:

  • The learning will focus on achieving successful business outcomes.
  • The offering will be flexible, enabling learners to select the options they need to develop their business. They could sequentially work through all the modules to complete the whole programme, or complete only those applicable to their development needs.
  • We are inviting participants to re-learn as well as learn for the first time. It is an invitation to complete another learning loop on familiar topics once they have completed their coaching qualification. This may lead them to have a different focus on the topics they may already know from their alternative careers. This may lead to new insights leading to more sophisticated actions, resulting in greater success within their own business context.
  • This is an opportunity for the participants to immerse themselves in the theory and practical aspects that it takes to build a business. There will be handy hints and tips, based on knowledge, experience as well as theory, that then enables them to take away their own business development plan.
  • The learners will be self-sufficient and be invited to build on existing learning and expertise.
  • Mentors will be available under separate agreements.
  • There will be a robust workbook to support their learning, and enable them to gather their learnings, reflections and plans in one key place. This will be available digitally through the Learning Management System.

Who is it for?

This training course is to support qualified coaches build their own coaching business.

Further details

The course will be available via video to those individuals who want to develop their own coaching business. In future there may be face to face, insitu sessions, depending on UK Covid regulations.

There will be two delivery methods.

  • The first will be held over one full week, with each session lasting 2.5 hours, with 2 sessions each day.
  • The alternative will be one session held once a fortnight across 20 weeks.

Mentoring sessions will be available to support the programme, at additional investment.

The Modules – table of contents

 Module TitleTopics
1Business PurposeSelf
Clarity & Purpose
Strategic Planning
2Your Value PropositionUSP

Cost: Benefit
Future Focus

3BrandingBrand differentiators
Values & beliefs, ethos
4Pricing StrategyValue added
Market Research
5Marketing Strategy 14P’s (7P’s)
Customer Avatars
6Marketing Strategy 2How to communicate with your customer Websites
Social media
7Sales 1Sales funnel structure
8Sales 2Features & benefits
Closing the deal
Discussing pricing with the customer
9Legal considerationsBusiness type
Associates vs Employees
10Future focusBusiness Development


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