Coaching and development for school leaders, teacher CPD, school leadership and management.

Businesses & Individuals

Managers coaching, professional development and leadership and management training for public and private sector businesses.



In these difficult times it’s still important to stay ahead of the game. We can enable you to continue developing and improving your staff (individuals and teams) whilst the current operational challenges remain. We’ve implemented Distance Learning and the latest Video Conferencing for all Coaching, Mentoring, Team Development, Training and 1:1 support. Should you wish to choose face to face please contact us to discuss the options to do this safely. As Government advice and guidence changes we’ll update this page and approach ensureing you are always at the centre of everything we do.



Creating excellence and high performing leaders

We work for organisations who are passionate about their people and recognise how much value they add. These organisations understand they need innovative and inspirational leaders delivering value and results. Our work creates more productive leaders and higher performing individuals and teams, for the benefit of our clients and their customers. You can trust us to make a difference; we are a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Our client testimonials are examples of how we’ve made a real difference to people and organisations.

We offer outstanding teaching coaching in the education sector. We also offer managers coaching and leadership training for small or large businesses in both the private and public sector.

Graham Doyle - D2NA

Hear how Synergia Coaching have worked with D2NA on their strategic business plans and helped the management team to develop, grow and increase performance.


Sadie Weston - ERUK

Hear how Synergia Coaching work with ERUK and offer regular organisational development assistance to the team.


Tim James - Schoolblazer

Tim recounts Clare’s work with him in defining visions and values in a company that is data driven, defining a toolkit for the future


Tim James - Schoolblazer

Tim speaks of working with Clare to create a better vision and brand clarity while coaching the board


Toby Mullins - Mounthouse

Toby reflects on Clare’s adaptable approach and diverse knowledge when working with his team


Toby Mullins - Mounthouse

Toby expands on Clare’s ability to help his senior team craft challenging messages through a workshop


Toby Mullins - Mounthouse

Toby thinks back to early work with Clare developing his middle management through 360 appraisals


James Reid - ISAMS

James reflects on how Clare helped ISAMS when acquiring a company, and the messaging around that


Francie Healey - Bethany School

Francie talks about his experience with Clare when being coached on ILM Level 7 courses


Francie Healey - Bethany School

Francie relates how working with Clare as a coach helped achieve focus


Francie Healey - Bethany School

Francie talks about the support Clare gave in dealing with challenging conversations


Mike Windsor - Abingdon School

Mike recalls the facilitated day Clare ran to help develop a strategic plan


Mike Windsor - Abingdon School

Mike reflects on Clare’s style of work, and facilitation


Mike Windsor - Abingdon School

Mike talks about Clare’s ability to help develop his skills in preparation for a new role


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